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Custom Web Development

Base helps you isolate concern areas for web development and provides lucrative solutions to grow your business with flying colors. iBase deals in custom web application solutions, developed using impeccable standards by our highly experienced and skilled developers. We provide solutions so that you can outgrow and outperform your adversaries and stay ahead at all times.

Web applications defined:

What is a web application, have you ever wondered? Well, it has got many definitions and meaning to it. A web application is a piece of application software, developed using disparate browser supported coding-languages that run in a browser. Technically speaking, it is an application built using scripting languages (JavaScript) and web technologies (HTML, CSS) which runs on an internet browser (safari, chrome, Mozilla).

The development phase of a web app involves the following:

1. A developer – Entirely responsible for the back-end development of a certain web app.

2. A designer – Responsible for the design, look and feel.

3. A business analyst – To oversee and devise the entire development phase

4. An Administrator – To work closely with designers and developers.

Why do you need web applications?

Over the years the web has evolved and grown by leaps and bounds, crowded with many businesses who use this inexpensive medium to communicate and exchange information with customers. The Web provides a pathway for businesses to communicate with customers through newsletters and mails to compete their opponents. Today web is a crucial part of every business and so are the web pages and web applications listed on it.

Be it a start-up or a multinational corporation, every entity needs an online presence to reach out to the distant masses in order to grow the business. A web page is comprised of many web applications that at times go un-noticed. These web applications may include :

1. Shopping carts on an e-commerce web page

2. Log in and enquiry forms

3. Currency converters

The omnipresence and highly technical nature of a web application has made it an unknown and widely misunderstood component in the cyberspace.

What are the perks of having a web application ?

Web applications are often termed as web widgets with a primary purpose to facilitate the use of several applications on a web page. Web apps run through a web browser like the most commonly used Mozilla Firefox. The program basically resides on a web server, rather than on a computer which does not create any hassle for a user to install it. Web pages are usually either static or dynamic. A certain web app makes a web page dynamic through its various useful operations like user interaction and online shopping application. There are many advantages of using a web app and a handful of them are listed below:

1.No installation – Runs through a browser

2.Better communication with customers through login and enquiry forms

3. Maximum exposure

4. Availability – Round the clock

5. Does not require high configuration computers or mobile phones

6. Cost effective when compared to the desktop applications

7. Accessible anywhere/anytime

At iBase, we provide custom web applications according to user-specific requirements primarily centered on business processes, based in Parramatta and Sydney.